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My desire is to provide you with encouragement, inspiration, practical help, and beautiful Islamic resources for your daily homeschooling life as a Muslim mom.

When I began homeschooling my eldest, I didn’t know any homeschoolers or have access to homeschooling resources such as curriculum and guides. This put me on the path to create my own.

If I take you back to my college days, you’d see a confused young woman, wondering why she was pursuing law, when she had a knack for working with children.  I woke up one day to an epiphany, changed my major to Education and never looked back.

My education background has been beneficial in helping me create something I didn’t have; something that we needed –  the skill to integrate Islamic Studies into any secular subject and vice versa.

You can ensure that your family is getting the best educational resources based on my previous experiences in both private and public school settings, while continuing to integrate time honored educational philosophies put forward by Charlotte Mason along with others.

What lead me to the greatest understanding of education, however, was becoming a homeschooling mother.

Muslim Homeschoolers Unite was born out of the years of research in school and at home as a mother. 

I believe in a living education, with time available for reading aloud, creating, spending time in nature, and experiencing the world.

Welcome, dear sister.

"Eaman Elhadri was an invaluable resource for our homeschooling co-op. Her education background and vast homeschooling experience benefited our co-op immensely, Alhemdulilah. She skillfully curated beautiful Islamic Unit Studies based on our family’s needs and enriched our lives with literature. The kids eagerly waited for "Sr. Eaman days" so they could dive into another book and activity she had planned for them. She offered the encouragement and support that we needed and organized "mommy days" for us. Mashallah and Alhemdulilah. Muslim Homeschoolers Unite is a super supportive homeschooling community that offers beautiful Islamic resources to Muslim families worldwide."
Sarah Syed
Homeschooling mother of 4

Contact: support@muslimhomeschoolersunite.com

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