Free, cheap, easy, things to do with Muslim kids at home!

Cheap and Easy Activities for Muslim Kids

by Eaman Elhadri

Never could I have imaged LIVING the word pandemic, let alone saying it.

May Allah AWJ Free us from this fitan and protect us all. Allahuma Ameen.

Watch the YouTube video for MEGA ideas for activities with things around your Muslim home!

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These are fifteen free, cheap, and easy things to do with Muslim kids at home.

Tip – Focus on Islamic Studies

Focus on Islamic studies with your kids at home from school.

Homeschooling or not, there isn’t much time in the day, and most of us feel like we don’t have time for Quran and Islamic studies. What an opportunity, now that your child is home!

Activity 1 – Read the Quran & Islamic Books

You don’t need to buy a completely new set of Islamic Studies books! Open up your Mus-haf and read the Quran.

Then open up Islamic books that you already own and read a bit during a certain time of day, such as before nap-time or after salaat.

If you can’t read the Quran fluently, you can play it on audio using any device while they repeat after the Sheikh. InshAllah.

Activity 2 – Play Quran, Salaat, Lectures, and Dua

We need this for ourselves as well! Please refrain from playing the news as this will stress your child out.

Activity 3 – Sit with your child

When was the last time you cuddled/snuggled with you kids under a throw blanket? I know that I need to do it more often!

Your child may feel anxious from the current pandemic situation and snuggling with her will really help her feel connected to you and safe.

Activity 4 – Take a hike

Practice social distancing with your child by taking hikes.

You may not be in walking distance from the woods, however you can drive there! Being in nature and getting sunlight and fresh air will benefit us physically and in every capacity.

Activity 5 – Go out on the deck or in the yard

Water play will keep kids busy while home from school.

If you can’t drive to a park, let the kids go out onto the deck or in the yard. You can place messy supplies on a table or box outside as well.

Don’t forget water play! It’s fast and easy, and the kids will play for hours!

Activity 6 – Read-aloud to your child

When practicing social distancing because of coronavirus, read aloud to your child.
A few of our pond themed books

Reading aloud is one of the best things to with children, whether you homeschool or not. After Islamic Studies, it is the most important aspect of our day.

Tip – DON’T go to the library

For many of us, this is one of the most difficult aspects about social distancing. After the masjid, the library is our favorite place to go, and it has been hard to stay away.

My kids are begging to go. Alhemdulilah, there are a few solutions! Read them below.

Tip – Read what you already own!

This may seem obvious, but for those of you who don’t think you can read a book over, trust me, you can and you should!

It is beneficial for children when you read-aloud the same book (yes even over and over again) because they will develop a relationship with the story and truly understand it better as they age.

Activity 7 – Jump into eBooks and audio books!

It’s the perfect time to read your eBooks and play audio books.

Meet Libby – a free Library App!

Thousands of public libraries offer eBooks and audio books for free in the Libby App! Just type in your library card and start reading/listening.

And that’s not all! You can take a break while your child listens to a book! Win-win!

Auntie Turns the Page!

I’ll be reading classic children’s literature, as well as Islamic children’s literature to your children, while you take a break to go stare at a empty wall.😉 

Tip – Do what you know

If you think about your childhood, what do you remember most? Most likely, it was with people that you love, playing games, and the outdoors.

I’m pretty sure you don’t recall your school work or TV. You need to be playing those games with your kids!

This will bring back great memories, as well, inshAllah.

Activity 8 – Play Hide-N-Go Seek

Who doesn’t love this game! Just be sure to explain to young children what areas of your home are dangerous to hide in.

Activity 9 – Play I Spy

I-Spy is a fun game that involves children of all ages.

Activity 10 – Play Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is a fun and free game children can play while at home.

I have always loved this game and still love it!

Tip – Use what you have

Every household has more than enough stuff. Be resourceful!

Almost every household has basic school and office supplies. Use them!

I have some ideas below!

Activity 11 – Paper and Crayons

Create an invitation to play for children who are home because of coronavirus.
Invitation to Play – crayons, markers, and paper

Place paper, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, paint, etc. out (on rotation) daily. You don’t need to tell your children what to do with it, they’ll know. 🙂

Activity 12 – The Epic cardboard box

Got cardboard boxes? Don’t you dare say no.

I see your boxes right now. And most of them have smiling arrows with the letter a on them. 😉

Have a little one? Place the cutie in a box with a crayon, marker, or pen, and bam, instant free babysitter. You’re welcome.

There are gazillions of ideas about cardboard box ideas out there!

Activity 13 – Board Games

Scrabble is a game children can play while at home.
Brings back memories, ay?

Bring out one board game each day and play as a family. Your kids won’t forget this, inshAllah. What a beautiful memory they’ll carry with them, inshAllah.

Activity 14 – Card Games

Children at home can play gard games.

This is always a win with kids of all ages. I remember playing games with a deck of cards. Young children can play Uno as well.

Activity 15 – Letem’ in the kitchen!

Allow children to cook and bake while at home from school.
‘Name That Spice!’

Let your children in the kitchen to explore, bake, cook and help with clean-up as well. You can assign small tasks to each child or teach an older child to make an entire meal.

You can also create sensory experiences in the kitchen, such as experimenting with spices.

Final Tip- Let them be “bored”

Allow children access to items to stay busy at home.
Access to stuff + boredom = they’ll use their brain

Trust me on this one. Boredom is good for children.

When all else is said and done, don’t feel the need to “entertain” your child. Letting them be “bored” encourages imagination and creativity, inshAllah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything that we shouldn’t do at home with kids during a pandemic?

Yes, firstly, don’t panic.

Your children need you to be calm. However, don’t lie about the issue, either.

You can speak to children ‘matter of factly’, and most will listen and understand, inshAllah.

Also, I would personally avoid the following –

  • Shopping for anything besides groceries.
  • Doing crafts that involve important items, such as baking soda and vinegar to create a volcano. Yes it’s cool, but they’re sold out in stores, so it’s best to save those items.
  • Avoid crafts using too many paper products.
  • Avoid crafts using fabric because, um, toilet paper (Akramakum Allah). 🙂

What about electronics?

This is definitely something to decide with your spouse. My tip is to try to play Islamic and educational videos such as Quran, salaat, lectures, and documentaries.

The last thing you need to know about staying home with kids

  • YOU know your kids best, mama!
  • Use what you already have!
  • Your child doesn’t need to be entertained, your child needs truth, your lap, fresh air (away from humans), and good books!

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