One hundred free online resources for Muslim families.

52+ Free Educational Websites for Muslim Families

By Eaman Elhadri

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Alhemdulilahi Rabil A8lameen, that this pandemic (May Allah AWJ rid us of it) is taking place during a time where we have the internet. Imagine life without it.

It is kind and generous of those offering their services for free. May Allah AWJ Guide and Reward them all. Allahuma Ameen.

A bit of caution

Take some time out to first develop a good relationship with your child and understand their needs, before you start using every single resource under the sun.

Once you understand your child’s interests, search our huge list below, inshAllah!

A huge list of free education websites for Muslim families.

Homeschooling & Quarantine Schooling – General Help, Assistance, and Support Website

The website you’re on right now 🙂

Here at Muslim Homeschoolers Unite, we strive to support you every step of your homeschooling journey. By Allah’s AWJ Will and Mercy, we are able to offer everything on our website for free.

We provide free membership and forums (most websites don’t!), weekly blog articles, free printables, and most importantly our time, which is in fact very expensive. You see, time is a blessing. May Allah AWJ Guide us as to how we spend it. Allahuma Ameen.

Thank you, dear sister, for taking the time to visit our community blog. We appreciate you and love you for the sake of Allah AWJ!

We welcome all homeschooling mothers to our family!
Welcome to the family!

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    Islamic Studies

    Free Islamic Studies websites for Msulim families.

    Green Lane Masjid

    Set your older children up for success, by having them watch lectures, not movies, all day. My favorite lectures are at Green Lane Masjid. May Allah AWJ Preserve them and Reward them greatly. Allahuma Ameen.

    Al Huda

    Al Huda is offering an online workshop called Spring Boost, completely for free. We attend the LIVE on Al Huda’s Facebook Page. The last day of the workshop is this Thursday the 2nd.

    Happy Muslim Homeschool

    Umm Saleh at Happy Muslim Homeschool is currently offering Ahadeeth Copywork Printables and many other free printables on her site! I’m so excited about this one, wa Jazahallahu khairun!

    Little Homeschoolers on the Prairie

    Our dear sister Tasha shares tons of free Islamic printables, and otherwise, on her blog! Mashallah, wa Jaza-halahu-khairun.

    English Language Arts

    Auntie Turns the Page

    English and Urdu read alouds will be offered to your children who are home due to coronavirus outbreak!

    Need an Islamic Read Aloud in English and Urdu, without shirk and haraam? Join us on our Facebook Page every Wednesday and Thursday for Auntie Turns the Page! And don’t forget to snag your free printable Urdu Vocabulary Sheets that go with Sister Iram’s Urdu Story Time!

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        Noor Kids

        Noor Kids is currently offering their Lion-Hearted Muslim Course for FREE!

        Boreal Tales

        Boreal Tales is a literary and artistic creation platform designed to motivate children to write. Aimed at Grades 1-8.


        Homer is a reading program app store for young children. It provides lessons on phonics, sight words, ABCs, and more. It is available for a free 30-day trial.

        All About Learning Press

        All About Learning is one of our favorite curriculum choices of all time. We currently use All About Reading and All About Spelling. Currently, they are offering free resources during quarantine!


        So excited about this one for homeschooling parents! Vooks is a streaming library of ad-free, kid-safe animated read-aloud storybooks. They are offering one year free to all homeschooling parents and even if you don’t homeschool, you can get one month free! I just signed up! Alhemdulilah.

        Write Reader

        Write Reader helps improve children’s writing skills, all for free.


        Free math websites for Muslim families.

        Carnegie Math

        Carnegie Math offers math lessons, skills practice resources, and at-home learning videos for older children.

        Xtra Math

        Xtra Math offers free activities for achieving math fact proficiency.


        Prodigy is a game-based way of learning in math for kids from first to eighth grade. The site offers lots of how-to articles to make your distance learning effective and fun.


        Zearn is currently offering webinars, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides. Their entire K-5 math program – including 400 hours of digital lessons with on-screen teachers and supportive remediation – is available for free, thanks to donations from the community.

        Mr. Elementary Math

        At Mr. Elementary Math, Greg offers a Free k-5 Number Sense Resources when you subscribe!


        Boddle is a math platform for the elementary years.


        Free science websites for Muslim families.

        ChemMatters Online

        This is a terrific resource for middle school and high school science.The back-issue online library offers downloadable articles on chemistry-related topics.

        Mystery Science

        Mystery Science offers digital video mini-lessons for science subjects for children in elementary school. 

        Creosity Space

        CreositySpace is a science curriculum that connects elementary aged students to science.

        Backpack Sciences

        You can access Backpack Sciences’s free video series, which will give you strategies to teach (elementary-aged children) hands-on science concepts.


        LabXchange is a free platform where children and teachers can discover, create, and remix content to build their own learning journey. The content library includes interactive lab simulations, videos, assessments, and more.


        Free STEM websites for Muslim families.


        Pitsco offers hands-on STEM fun lesson plans for all ages.


        Code offers free, interactive virtual classes open to students, teachers, and anyone else interested in learning to code through game development. They’re currently offering 7 weeks of free, live coding classes until May 7th. I only recommend this for kids that are 13 years and older alongside an adult.

        UL Xplorlabs

        UL Xplorlabs is designed to encourage middle school students to solve through science. The program showcases the science behind safety engineering through interactive videos, instructional experiences, hands-on classroom activities and creative challenges.


        Verneir offers more than 80 free experiments with sample data covering a large range of subjects. With these tools, teachers can help students form a deep understanding of key scientific concepts outside the classroom and laboratory.

        Social Studies

        Free social studies websites for Muslim families.

        Word of Caution! – Be careful as to where you get your social studies information from. The suggestions below need to be reviewed by you and your spouse prior to showing them to your kids. As we know, most social studies programs, books, etc are lies. Please be mindful and aware of this.


        WHYY and PBS offer free videos, lesson plans, and more.

        GSD Network

        GSD Network is a resource for engaging cross-cultural, “real-world” stories of teens from around the world. Review it prior to allowing your older (13 and up) child to access it.


        iCivics was founded by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. It offers free educational video games and lessons that teach students to be knowledgeable, curious, and engaged in civic life. again, this is something you need to review prior to allowing older children to access it.

        Second Language Learning

        Languages are best learned face-to-face, in real life. But, #socialdistancing. 🙁

        The Multilingual Home

        Check our our lovely sister Adrienne’s website full of fun and free activities, such as a FREE Bilingual list of learning activities!


        There are tons of options to learn Arabic online. Young children can watch channels such as Arabic with Zakaria and older children can watch channels with in-depth explanations of the Arabic language and take notes.


        Forvo is a great place to listen to Arabic words spoken by a native speaker. It has a large database and is a good reference for pronunciation.


        Want your kiddo to learn Spanish? FabuLingua teaches Spanish through interactive stories on mobile phones and tablets. They offer a new interactive story from Latin America or Spain every month, along with associated games.

        Websites that offer multiple subjects for various grade levels

        Trend Enterprises

        Tons of free printables right here.


        The Scholastic Learn at Home provides students projects based on articles and stories, virtual field trips, reading and geography challenges, and more. We’re really excited about this one!

        Hippo Campus

        At Hippo Campus you can find more than 7,000 videos in 13 subject areas to share with your children.

        Differentiated Kindergarten

        Marsha is a teacher-mom who offers freebies including seasonal activities at Differentiated kindergarten.


        MentalUP is a scientific-educational application containing cognitive learning games for children in K-8. They’re currently offering free online subscriptions.

        Holiday House

        Holiday House offers online resources complete with educator guides, lesson plans, and activity sheets.

        Hand to Mind

        Hand to Mind offers math and literacy content for elementary aged children, designed to engage kids without support from parents. They’re offering free daily content including streaming video lessons, taught by teachers, and downloadable activities and STEM resources.


        I believe Freckle is free for children who usually attend public school. Their resources are geared for younger children and are easily differentiated for children of different ability levels. 

        G Fletchy

        G Fletchy offers 3-Act tasks, math progression videos, and various ways to engage with children.


        edHelper is great for free printable worksheets. Although I’m not a huge fan of worksheets, quarantine time is a different time! Currently they’re providing daily free workbook pages for elementary aged children.

        Adventure Academy

        Adventure Academy provides learning games and videos for ages 8-13.


        Century is offering their English, Math and Science resources Free for all families.


         BreakoutEDU has digital games that your kids of all ages can play at home.


        BrainPop, a lesson-planning tool, is a great resource for parents of both older and younger children.


        Designed for elementary aged children, the Arcademic Skill Builders Website has games that aim to improve your child’s knowledge in math, geography, typing, spelling, and language arts.


        Art Bar Blog

        I’m not sure you’ll find a better free art resource on earth. Barbara is a kind person who knows how to help others do art for free and in the most beautiful way! Check her out!

        Cassie Stevens

        Cassie is an art teacher, living in Tennessee. She shares her ideas and tutorials on YouTube!

        Physical Education

        This one is easy – go to the forest (#socialdistancingforthewin).

        If you can’t make it out to an area that doesn’t have humans, try out our dear Sister Sarah’s YouTube Channel, where her daughter can train yours right in the comfort of your own home! Allah-yah-futh-ha. Allahuma Ameen. Wa jameea8l Muslimeen. Ameen.

        Don’t forget to LIKE her channel and hit that bell so that you can be notified when she uploads new videos! InshAllah.

        Exam Prep


        UWorld offers a full-length PSAT practice exam that familiarizes children with the format and content of the real test. Each question answered will provide the student with a detailed explanation of the answer choices to help students actively learn and retain concepts.

        Free Resources for Special Needs Children


        Designed for young children who are visual learners, Boardmaker offers free printable activities that are especially beneficial for children with special needs, such as those with Down syndrome or autism. Rabi Yeshfeena wa jamea8l Muslimeen.

        Helpful Links

        Need some tips for being at home with kids? Watch this LIVE Q&A, where I’ve answered all of you questions about quarantine schooling, homeschooling, and life during pandemic!

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