A free watercolor Hajj Guide for Muslim homeschooling families that would like to conduct Hajj activities with their kids.

Free Hajj Printables

When you purchase The Happy Hajj Guide™, you will receive an email with awesome gifts including but not limited to:

  • Hajj Picture Cards
  • Hajj Mini Posters
  • And our personal favorite, a beautiful Watercolor Hajj Guide; hand painted by the super talented Becca at Fiddlesticks Education! Plus an added bonus page with the description of each step to help you teach your child about Hajj.
Watercolor Hajj guide as a Hajj activity for Muslim kids.

At Muslim Homeschoolers Unite, I strive to be there for single women in need, and so I am donating 20% of all proceeds towards helping single women facing financial crisis.

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Free Hajj printables for Muslim families who would like to conduct Hajj activities with their kids.

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    1. eaman.elahdri@muslimhomeschoolersunite.com

      Wa alaykum wa Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
      Hi Tanzeela,
      I hope your Hajj party turned out to be a blast!

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