Enter this Muslim homeschool giveaway to win homeschooling resources of your choice!

Giveaway | Homeschooling Resources

by Eaman Elhadri


We are so thankful, Alhemdulilah, to you dear sister, for joining us here, that we’ve decided we’d love to give away a $100 gift card to YOUR favorite homeschool resource shop!

And instead of being limited to a shop that we pick (booooring), you get to the pick the homeschooling shop of your choice!

We truly appreciate you and we’re so grateful to be here in this space, sharing our hearts and vision with you for Muslim homeschooling and crisis-schooling. Alhemdulilahi Rabil A8lamin.

Click here to enter the 1K GIVEAWAY!

Enter this giveaway for the opportunity to win homeschooling resources from your favorite homeschool resource shop!

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