Hajj activities for Muslim kids

Hajj Activities for Kids

by Eaman Elhadri

And Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah) to the House (Ka’bah) is a duty that mankind owes to Allaah, those who can afford the expenses (for one’s conveyance, provision and residence).

[Qur’aan, 3:97]

We all want our children to understand the Pillar of Hajj, however young children learn best through hands-on activities vs. an overwhelming breakdown of the Manasik of Hajj. In this post I’ll go over 10 activities to teach your child about Hajj; from storyetlling to crafts, inshAllah!

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Hajj activities for Muslim kids.

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Hajj activities for Muslim kids.

Hajj Activity #1 – Plan/prepare for Hajj when the pandemic is over

The best way, by far, to teach a child about Hajj would be to actually go to Hajj. But with the pandemic this isn’t an option.

And, pandemic or not, it is expensive to go to Hajj, especially with children. Some argue about it being healthy or safe for children, as well.

An action plan to save money for Hajj is best at this time, inshAllah and May Allah AWJ Open the doors for all of us to be able to go. Allahuma Ameen.

Nevertheless, there are other ways to teach your child about Hajj, right here at home!

Hajj Activity #2 – The Happy Hajj Guide

Hajj activities for Muslim kids can include Hajj printables, Hajj crafts, and other Hajj fun for Muslim families.

The Happy Hajj Guide™  is a Islamic literature and project based four week guide for early childhood {3-7 years}.  The Happy Hajj Guide™  is designed to prepare young Muslim children for understanding Hajj and Dhul Hijjah, as well as gaining academic success through strengthening processing skills. This special guide was also created to promote happy memory making among Muslim families, bi-ithnilahi Ta8la.

Your young child will learn about Hajj and Dhul Hijjah, develop motor skills, phonics and counting skills, and their love for literature through the stories and projects included in The Happy Hajj Guide™. This guide also includes weekly supply lists, recommended literature, and Ayaat/Hadith to make savoring Dhul Hijjah a multi sensory, and developmentally appropriate unit for your young Muslim learners, bi-ithnilahi Ta8la.

This Hajj Guide contains Hajj printables, activities, crafts, and fun for Muslim kids!

Hajj Activity #3 – Talk to your child about your Hajj experience

Hajj pictures are a great way to talk to children about Hajj.
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Storytelling, which is one of the oldest, most powerful forms of teaching, offers a great way for children to enjoy stories. When hearing stories, children learn to empathize with unfamiliar situations and places.

Therefore, one of the best methods that children can learn about Hajj, is to experience it through stories. Tell your child about your Hajj experience.

If you haven’t been on Hajj, adopt a Hajji! They can communicate their Hajj story to your child over Zoom. If your child is old enough, have them prepare questions in advance.

Using pictures will enhance your story. Don’t have any pictures? We’ll send you some!

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    Hajj Activity #4 – Islamic Studies

    Islamic Studies isn’t really an ‘activity’. It is life.

    Teach your child about Hajj by reading about it in the Quran, the translation, and Tafsir of the Ayaat below. If you don’t own Tafsir books you can download the Apps below



    Hajj Activity #5 – Read Hajj Ayaat in the Quran

    Teach young Muslim children about Hajj by reading the Quranic ayaat about Hajj.

    From Surah Baqarah


    • 125
    • 158
    • 189
    • 196
    • 197
    • 198
    • 200
    • 201
    • 203

    From Surah Al-Imraan


    • 96
    • 97

    From Surah Maida


    • 1
    • 2
    • 94
    • 95
    • 96

    From Surah Taubah


    • 2
    • 36
    • 37

    From Surah Hajj


    • 26
    • 27
    • 28
    • 29
    • 33
    • 36

    From Surah Fath


    • 27

    Hajj Activity #6 – Read scholarly articles about Hajj

    This article sums up the virtues of Hajj.

    Hajj Activity #7 – Read Hajj themed children’s books

    Hajj themed children's books help Muslim children learn about Hajj.

    Reading aloud children’s literature is one of the best ways to teach children about any topic, so Hajj is on the list as well, of course! I’ve named just a few of our favorites down below.

    Going to Mecca by Na’ima Roberts

    Going to Mecca by Na'ima Roberts is a great Hajj themed children's book for Muslim children.
    For a free download of the pictures above, head to the top of blog post.

    Going to Mecca is one of our favorites. Sister Na’ima Roberts is a very talented writer, mashAllah, Allahuma Barik.

    “Come with the pilgrims as they set out on a journey, a journey of patience to the city of Mecca.” We are led on the journey of a lifetime to the city of Mecca – the pilgrimage known to Muslims as the Hajj. The pilgrims walk with heads bare and feet in sandals; they call to Allah; they kiss or point to the Black Stone, as the Prophet did. Arriving at Mecca, they surge round the Ka’aba, shave their heads and travel to Mount Arafat. Finally, though their bodies are tired and aching, their spirits are uplifted, knowing that with thousands of others they have performed the sacred pilgrimage. This is a window on to a sacred journey for Muslims the world over – beautifully described and illustrated for younger children.

    Amazon description

    Click on the image below to purchase the book.

    Watch the read-aloud of Going to Mecca!

    Tell Me About Hajj by Saniyasnain Khan

    …This book explains the importance of the annual pilgrimage—one of the pillars of Islam—with a special focus on the Prophet Muhammad’s Hajj. These exciting historical events are presented in a simple, informative style, with beautiful illustrations, so that young people may understand and enjoy them. This beautifully illustrated book explains the importance of the annual pilgrimage with special focus on Prophet Muhammad’s Hajj (S). … Sidebar columns also add to the story with information about the geography and lifestyle of the people of the time and the area….

    Amazon description

    Click on the image below to purchase Tell Me About Hajj.

    Yan’s Hajj by Fauzia Gilani

    Yan's Hajj by Fauzia Gilani a great Hajj themed children's book.

    This book is awesome in that you can also tie in a farm animal theme along with Hajj, which is perfect for preschoolers and all young children for that matter.

    Yan is a big-hearted young man determined to perform Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah. But first, he must work hard on his farm and fill up his money bag for the journey. Despite the trials he faces on each unsuccessful trip to the Kaaba, Yan’s helpful nature, compassion, and generosity enable him to succeed in the end.

    Amazon Description

    Purchase Yan’s Hajj by clicking on the image below.

    Noor Kids Go to Hajj

    Noor Kids Go to Hajj is a great book about Hajj!

    Noor Kids is a character building book subscription. You’ll receive one book per month. To see if it’s right for your family, you can request a free sample.

    What does your world center around? Asad decided for himself as he learns about tawaaf!

    Amazon Description

    You can always purchase the book from Amazon by clicking on the image below, however it is quite expensive. I recommend purchasing the subscription from Noor Kids.

    Hajj Activity #7 – Conduct Hajj Crafts

    Conducting Hajj crafts is a fun way for kids to learn about Hajj.

    Look out for The Happy Hajj Guide™, a simple, ready for you parent guide to help you teach your young child about Hajj, inshAllah!

    Hajj Activity #8 – Needle Felted Kabah Craft

    A great Hajj activity for Muslim kids would be to needle felt a Kaba.

    Felt Supplies Needed

    Needle felted Kabah crafts are fun for Muslim kids to learn about Hajj!

    We purchased a needle felting kit. You can purchase each item separately, if you wish.

    black wool roving

    white felt

    felting needle

    felting Styrofoam


    Pull a piece of black roving off and place it onto a piece of white felt. Add more roving as needed.

    With your fingers, shape the felt roving into a rectangle.

    Making a Kabah craft to learn about Hajj is fun!

    Begin needle felting.

    Needle felting Kabah crafts are a fun way to learn about Hajj!

    Continue needle felting until you are satisfied with the appearance (some like it soft, some like it firm).

    Optional – add a strip of gold wool roving and felt horizontally.

    Hajj Activity #9 – Build a Hajj Puzzle

    Muslim children can learn about Hajj through building a 3d puzzle about the Haramain.

    This Al Masjid al-Haram 3D Puzzle is from Eid Party.

    Muslim kids can learn about Hajj by building Hajj puzzles such as this 3D Hajj puzzle of Al-Masjid al-Haram.

    My children were on their own with this one, until they started complaining. I can see why.

    The directions aren’t clear. I don’t recommend this product (unless you have a loooooot of patience and aloooooot of time on your hands.) 🙂

    Hajj Activity #10 – Watch YouTube videos and/or documentaries on Hajj

    There are quite a few options on Amazon and YouTube.

    Don’t just let your child watch it and roll! Make it a family affair.

    Watch the documentary/video together. (I also advise watching it prior to make sure it’s suitable for children and that the information is correct.) Then have a discussion about the movie/documentary/video afterwards.

    FAQ about Hajj activities for kids

    Should we teach kids about all of the steps of Hajj?

    For older kids, yes, absolutely. They should learn about Hajj the same way adults learn about Hajj.

    For young children – Hajj storytelling combined with Hajj Pictures, Hajj books, and Hajj hands-on activities are more beneficial.

    Our Happy Hajj Guide™ is what you’ve been asking for – a ‘done for you’ parent guide to teaching children about Hajj. It’s almost done, inshAllah!

    The last thing you need to know about Hajj activities for kids

    Young children learn best through storytelling and a hands-on approach.

    A Beautiful Quranic Recitation

    I love this sister, fi-sabil-lil-ah. MashAllah, Allahuma Barik. May Allah AWJ Reward her greatly. Allahuma Ameen, wa jameea8al Muslimeen. Ameen.

    Helpful Links

    Want some summer ideas for your kids? Here are 30 + Grab a free DIY Watercolor schedule!

    Are you considering homeschooling this year? Read our Complete Guide to Homeschooling for Muslim Families.

    If you’ve read all about homeschooling and just need a Quick Guide to jump in, grab a copy in our Free Resource Library.

    The Happy Hajj Guide™ is LIVE!

    Hajj activities for Muslim kids.

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