Hajj activities for kids

The Happy Hajj Guide

by Eaman Elhadri

The Happy Hajj Guide is finally here! We’ve answered all of your questions about The Happy Hajj™ in the YouTube video below!

Hajj literature and project based activities for Muslim families.

What is The Happy Hajj Guide

The Happy Hajj Guide™  is a Islamic literature and project based four week guide for early childhood {3-7 years}.  The Happy Hajj Guide™  is designed to prepare young Muslim children for understanding Hajj and Dhul Hijjah, as well as gaining academic success through strengthening processing skills.

This special guide was also created to promote happy memory making among Muslim families, bi-ithnilahi Ta8la.

Your young child will learn about Hajj and Dhul Hijjah, develop motor skills, phonics and counting skills, and their love for literature through the stories and projects included in The Happy Hajj Guide™. This guide also includes weekly supply lists, recommended literature, and Ayaat/Hadith to make savoring Dhul Hijjah a multi sensory, and developmentally appropriate unit for your young Muslim learners, bi-ithnilahi Ta8la.

Visit our FAQ Page for more information about The Happy Hajj Guide™!

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