Homeschool Myths vs Facts

Top Homeschooling Myths

Many preconceived notions about homeschooling are incorrect.

Critics often misunderstand homeschooling. They don’t realize that if parents structure their child’s education system wisely.

Let’s look into the most common myths about homeschooling and debunk them!

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Homeschooling Myths, BUSTED

Myth # 1 – Homeschoolers are isolated.

Fact: Home is not a jail cell.

In fact, you can make a strong argument that the opposite is true…that homeschoolers have more freedom than public school students. While it’s true that lessons are solitary (private tutoring style) or in small groups, one of the beauties of homeschooling is the flexibility it offers.

So, while there may be two hours of individual work or lessons in a given day, the next three hours might be spent with a co-op group. That sure doesn’t sound like isolation.

Sure, public and private school students are surrounded by larger groups of peers. But ask yourself…how many of those kids are actually real friends? And how many are GOOD peers?

Are kids socializing much anyway during class? Public school kids must be in a certain class for a prescribed number of minutes each day, they must learn certain specific topics and subjects, they must take standardized tests, they may get a (VERY) brief period of recess and/or physical activity.

Compare the two predicaments and decide for yourself who’s more isolated.

Myth #2 – Homeschooling is expensive!

FACT – Homeschooling is affordable if you think outside the box

When the budget is tight, you can find ways to homeschool for cheap or free!

Compare all the money parents spend on traditional education. We’re not talking about tuition.

I’m talking about everything including gas used to drive kids to and from school, unnecessary school supplies, and an even more unnecessary school uniform.

Myth #3 – Parents aren’t QUALIFIED enough to teach!!!

Fact – Parents are just as qualified — if not MORE qualified — to teach their children.

After all, it’s parents who teach children how to walk, eat, etc. Much of this argument revolves around teaching specific subjects, yet homeschooling parents have hundreds of resources at their disposal.

For example, a parent uncomfortable with teaching trigonometry. can find myriad tutorials online or hire a private tutor. Many homeschool parents join a co-op or cottage school to take advantage of another homeschool parent’s strengths.

Myth #4 – Homeschooling is a FRINGE movement and is only done by a small minority.

Fact – Homeschooling has become a common alternative to public and private school.

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