We're giving away tons of Islamic children's literature from our favorite shops!

Islamic Children’s Literature GIVEAWAY!


Literature is the heart of our homeschool, and Islamic children’s literature is of utmost importance in helping our children gain better ikhlaq, inshAllah.  We’re teaming up to bless one special mama and her family with wonderful Islamic children’s literature to start or add to their home library!  A $280 value + free shipping!  And just in time for Ramadan, when you can keep your children busy with Islamic Literature while you keep busy with I8badah!

The best giveaways include literature!

We only giveaway what we would want for ourselves! Usually, that is books, and more books!

Islamic books are hard to find! There are more in today’s world, but not as many as I’d like to see on every shelf in every library of the world. May Allah (AWJ) open the doors for that to happen! Ameen.

These sisters put their heart and soul into their books that they write. Throw in sweat and blood and you’ve got sisters devoted to the Ummah. MahshAllah, Allahuma Barik!

May Allah AWJ reward them and all of the participants in this Giveaway! Ameen!

Have fun! Bismillah!

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This giveaway is all about the books!  Win a bucket load of Islamic books for your family today!

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    1. eaman.elahdri@muslimhomeschoolersunite.com

      Wa a8laykum wa salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Sister Andreea! Alhemdulilah! It is from Allah AWJ 🙂

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