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Homeschool Supplies | The Basics

Looking to buy products for your homeschool? You don’t need much.

You don’t typically need more than what you already have in your home! Read on…

I walked down the aisles of Target, lost in thought. My oldest, very young at the time, started to whine. I looked at the time. “Wow! An hour has past and I’m still in Target!”

I looked at my list which had three items: paper, crayons, and scissors…

Don't waste your time and money shopping for homeschool products!
Your walk from one end of Target to the next will cost you about an hour of your time and $100 added to your tab!

…. Two hours later…

I checked out at the register, and bam! – a total of $123!!    You can bet I didn’t just purchase three inexpensive items!

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You don’t need much to start homeschooling

Ahhh. The beginning days of homeschooling. The confusion. The overwhelm!

It’s common to think that purchasing everything under the sun is necessary when starting off homeschooling, but is that really true? If you’re wondering, “What products or supplies do I really need for homeschooling?” Read on….

There are tons of books and blogs written about minimalism and saving money by reducing purchases. I’ve read plenty, but unfortunately, I forgot all about minimalism in Target!  

I know! I should blame Target’s logo! It is rather hypnotizing.

If you stare at it long enough, your mind begins to think, “Decor…notepads…accessories…shoes…yes! I need them all!”

Don't spend too much money on homeschool products.
Target’s Logo- Stare at it long enough and you’ll be ready for major shopping in no time!
If you shop for homeschool supplies in Target, don't forget your list!
Target – a place where you buy everything that isn’t on the list

I know, excuses, excuses! I can’t blame Target! What really ended up happening?

I didn’t go in with a plan (or self-control!).

There’s your first tip mama! Go in with a plan! Especially at stores that offer everything under the sun!

What homeschooling products do I really need?

There are many options out there. From Target to Amazon, it can be rather overwhelming!

Everything looks shiny, new, and important, but everything certainly isn’t necessary! More “stuff” doesn’t equate to a smarter child or happier parents.

You are doing a great job, mama, and it isn’t because of what you buy! Focus on the needs of your family and start with the basics.

Best products for Muslim homeschoolers

Why new homeschoolers fall into the trap of overspending

I fell into the trap of thinking that I needed many products for homeschooling, simply because I lacked experience. That, and the enticing call to buy all of the lovely products featured on social media (I’m looking at you Instagram).

Sometimes I’ll read about how a product changed someone’s homeschool for the better, and I assumed that would be the same for my family.

In the end, the product worked for them but didn’t benefit my family at all. I regret some (or most!) of the purchases that I’ve made in my first year!

Ultimately it’s best to start small.

Don't buy something for your homeschool just because it's on Instagram.
Instagram – A great place to connect with other sisters…if it doesn’t involve pulling out your credit card two seconds later!

Our favorite products for minimalist homeschooling

It’s important to note that starting small doesn’t mean that the cost will be small. You will need to purchase a few expensive products in the beginning if you don’t own them already.

These are only the products that will make a significant difference in your homeschool, inshAllah, which leads us to our first important product for homeschoolers:

1. Printer

Yes, a printer is expensive. Hear me out. The amount of printing in a homeschool is more in line with a small business.

Even if you have the best ink jet printer, it will probably not be adequate for your needs. A homeschool printer needs to be able to handle heavy printing. Think 500 page curriculum guides and beautiful printables!

Remember when we mentioned quality? Well this is something you don’t want to skimp on! Take our word for it, going to a print shop is tiring and will cost you more than the printer itself in the long run!

As homeschooling mamas, we are already juggling many roles. Who needs to add a Staples run to their errand list!?

HP Laser Jet Printer

We have had this printer for a long time. Read on for Pros and Cons:

Pro: Size. It’s small and lightweight. Easy access to the front and back.

Pro: Initial cost. $218 gets you the printer, and about 1600 pages printed out of the box or $0.14/per page.

Con: Plastic inside vs metal

Con: Refill consumables. The printer out of the box will get you about 1600 pages, at $0.14/page… If you buy a set of regular-yield (201″A”) replacement cartridges for about $320 (ignoring the cost of the printer), the subsequent pages are closer to $0.18/page. If you buy high-yield cartridges (i.e., 201″X”) for about $400 (ignoring the cost of the printer), the price is closer to the original $0.14/page.

2. Basic Supplies – Pens, pencils, erasers, etc.

Pretty self-explanatory! Purchase them. Watch them disappear.

Ask yourself, “What monster ate our school supplies?” Buy more. Repeat. 🙂

Buy erasers here.


We like to minimize paper purchases by using scrap paper. If we have to, we’ll buy construction paper for art projects.

We’ve also purchased craft paper to protect surfaces and it doubles as something the kids can draw on.

Don’t forget the printer paper! We use this kind.

4.Books – Don’t skimp on this one!

First and foremost, head over to one of the best places for homeschoolers – the library!

I am a firm believer in introducing children to great literature. Read ‘living books‘ and avoid books that are ‘dumbed down’ or that keep expectations of a child’s reading potential low.

Good literature will inspire as well as inform. Introduce your children to a great variety of reading material by visiting your local library and enjoying this special time together!

Looking for great book lists? Look no further than Sarah Mackenzie’s Read Aloud Revival! The Read Aloud Revival Book list is HUGE and it’s free!

The library is a blessing to all homeschooling families!
The local library – A blessing from The Lord

Speaking of books, you’ll need a place to put them…

5. Book Shelves

This is something you need! Well, I suppose you can just lay around piles of books, but the piles will be a mile high!

That being said, be prepared to buy Not all…but a lot. 🙂

I have used regular bookshelves, however I’ve found that the Ikea Kallax series works best for us.  The Kallax series comes in many different sizes and configurations, as well as several colors.  You can add drawers, doors, bins, baskets, wheels, and even desk extensions to this series – the possibilities are endless.

It’s not solid wood, and not what I would consider ‘beautiful’, but it works! Function is top priority for our family. We have two white Ikea Kallax shelves,

If you don’t have an Ikea in your area, Amazon sells the Ikea Kallax.

6. Laptop/Computer

I’ve saved this for last because it’s probably something that you already own. I’ve used an old P.C. (for like forever!) that’s no longer on the market 🙂 up until now.

If you’re in the market and can’t wait until Black Friday, here are two for you to compare:

PC – Dell

I have a Dell PC and I’m pretty much used to it as I’ve used a PC my entire life!


If you have the money to invest, and you like all things fruit (aka apple), then by all means, checkout the Mac below.

Common Questions/FAQ About Homeschool Products/Supplies

What homeschool products/supplies do you use most often?

For mama – Laptop, pens, paper, printer, planner

For the kids- Pencils, books, paper

Can you homeschool for free?

No. Even the most frugal homeschoolers have to spend at least a bit of money homeschooling their children. Don’t try to do it for free.

A quality education doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt, but it does require some investment. You will need to purchase resources, books, and pay for activities.

Which curriculum should I buy?

Let’s start off with the definition of curriculum. Curriculum is defined as:

The subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college.


I prefer Sarah Mackenzie’s definition-

Curriculum is something we “do”, not something we buy. It is the form and content of our children’s learning experiences. Singapore Math isn’t the curriculum. It’s just the book that I use to teach the actual curriculum, which is math.

Sarah Mackenzie

Curriculum is life. It cannot be contained within the pages of a book.

Sarah Mackenzie

I will often use the term curriculum when speaking with homeschooling mamas because it’s commonly used to represent items purchased.

Read about our favorite Gentle Kindergarten Resources and watch the Livestream!

Read about Sister Iram’s Favorite Junior Highschool/Middle School Curriculum.

Read about our favorite Third Grade Curriculum and watch the LIVE VIDEO where I explain more about each item and show you each items as well!

Is there anything you regret buying?

Every family is different with diverse needs, however, there are items that we thought would be great for learning, but only ended up causing mess and frustration.

Regret #1 – Poor quality books

Purchase ‘Living Books’ instead of twaddle. According to Simply Charlotte Mason:

Living books are usually written by one person who has a passion for the subject and writes in conversational or narrative style. The books pull you into the subject and involve your emotions, so it’s easy to remember the events and facts. Living books make the subject “come alive.”

Regret #2 -“Learning” Toys

I’m not saying to ban them all, but perhaps just keep one. And don’t buy anymore. 🙂 Learning toys can spur problem solving, social skills, and exercise.

It’s best to purchase quality, natural, open ended products that will last a lifetime and beyond, inshAllah.

Regret #3 – Items with too many parts

One part will disappear. The item won’t be used. Enough said.

Pare down your homeschool environment by not buying items with many parts.
Say goodbye to the 1,000 piece puzzle.

The last thing you need to know about homeschool minimalism

If you aren’t sure about what to purchase, go home (or get off the internet :). You can always reconsider. Practice the habit of ‘Sleeping on it’ to prevent overspending. In time, you may find that you truly don’t need the item after-all!

Stick to the basic necessities at first, but be willing to invest in quality products when necessary.

And most importantly, don’t forget that the best things in life are free. Can you buy truth?… Love?.. Happiness?

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