Muslim children's read aloud and Islamic studies books.

Muslim Children’s Read Aloud | Attp 13

By Eaman Elhadri

Join Auntie Eaman and Ziggy as they read aloud fun kid’s books!

Auntie Turns the Page # 13

Books read:

  1. Noor Kids Go to Hajj by Noor Kids
  2. Yan’s Hajj by Fauzia Gilani
  3. Jannah Jewels Book 1, Chapter 8 by Umm Nura

Helpful Printables and Links

The top two books are part of The Happy Hajj Guide™, an Islamic literature and project based four week guide for early childhood {3-7 years}.  Visit our FAQ Page  and watch this video for more information about The Happy Hajj Guide™! Click here to purchase The Happy Hajj Guide™

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