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by Eaman Elhadri

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In the video below, I’ve answered all of your homeschooling questions that you’ve asked in DMs on Facebook and Instagram, emails, and comments!

Your homeschooling questions, answered

How do you encourage tracing for a 2 and 1/2 year old?

Focus on sensory experiences. Present the letter to your child and they’ll “write it” into the sand, shaving cream, etc.

How can I maintain regularity, especially in the mornings?

Create a rhythm that works well for your family. Accept when it won’t work out and change it as needed. Try to schedule your day around salaat. If you don’t finish everything that day, pick up where you left off the the next day.

When did Sister Eaman begin homeschooling and what has been her favorite resource?

I’ve been homeschooling my first born before he was born. 🙂 There are pros and cons of every homeschooling resource, however our favorite resource has consistently been All About Reading by All About Learning Press.

Is it best to homeschool under age 5?

The short answer – No. However, it largely depends on your definition of homeschooling. If you mean ‘formal lessons’, where you are sitting down and lecturing, your child is taking notes, etc, then no. All young children under age 8 need less formal lessons. Focus on getting outdoors (social distancing in mind), read-alouds, and hands-on experience. Under five is more like mothering, vs. homeschooling. Not that you can’t do formal lessons at all. I started when the kids were 4, but with a gentle program called All About Reading – Pre-Reading. Before Five in a Row is also a great resource for young children as well because it focuses on literature.

How do you stay calm when homeschooling?

You are human. You are not always going to be calm. I’m telling myself this as I tell you, take a consistent break. Stare at a blank wall or take a bubble bath,etc. This is something I continue to struggle with. May Allah AWJ make it easy. Allahuma Ameen.

How do you find time for self care?

You are a mother, and a homeschooling mother, but it shouldn’t stop there. Do something for yourself. If you can get away from your kids for five minutes daily it will be beneficial, inshAllah. If your kids are tiny, then lie down on the floor while they play around you. And hey, babas need to be involved – Babas can watch the kids while mama eats lunch, a snack, or sips on tea.

How do you make a shedule?

We offer a free schedule in our Free Resource Library. We also have free DIY Watercolor Rhythm that can help your child create their own rhythm. It is on our Summer Activities blog post. I definitely prefer a rhythm, however if you and your husband work and you’re dealing with a crisis-schooling situation, you may need a structured schedule.

How did Sister Eaman decide on homeschooling or has she always done it?

Alhemdulilah, mashallah, I’ve always done it. I share my story here.

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Muslim homeschool question and answer.

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