Ramadan DIY Advent mini felt envelope calendar

Ramadan DIY Advent Calendar

Handcraft lovin’ families rejoice! This handcraft will help your child gain skills in stitching and embroidery, which is perfect for Muslim homeschooling families who’d like to handcraft through the Holy months!

Stuffed with duas, mini treats, or scavenger hunt clues, these mini felt envelopes are an adorable way to count down the days of Ramadan. And I’ve got two ways that you can make these cuties!

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Raman DIY Advent calendar for Muslim homeschooling families.

I love these mini felt envelopes because –

  • You’re making memories with your child
  • It’s a real handcraft 
  • They’re beautiful and so stinkin’ adorable
  • They help your child build skills in stitching and embroidery

Materials Needed

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Step 1 – Pin the envelope to the felt

DIY mini felt envelopes are perfect for a Ramadan Advent Calendar.

You can use any kind of craft felt, however I recommend using a blend or 100% wool felt because it is a pleasure to work with, softer, and will hold it’s form longer.

If you are interested in creating a Masjid shape dome top, you’ll need to follow the instructions towards the bottom of this blog post . Scroll down.

Step 2 – Cut out the felt envelopes

Ramadan DIY Advent Calendar for Muslim homeschooling families.
One of the best handicrafts for Muslim kids during the month of Ramadan, is a DIY Ramdan Advent felt envelope calendar.

Repeat x 30 so that you’ll have an envelope for each day of Ramadan and/or an extra for Eid-ul-Fitr as well.

Step 3 – Embroider your envelopes

Now for the fun part! Embroider each envelope however you’d like.

The best part of this project is that it will help your child improve her embroidery and stitching skills, in a short period of time. My children are much better at stitching and embroidery, due to this project! Alhemdulilah.

You don’t have to use numbers. Feel free to design it in any way you’d like.

a ‘bumble bee’ 🙂

Optional – For young children, you may want to trace each number and/or design directly on the felt envelope with a pen or pencil first.

Don’t know how to embroider? This YouTube Channel will get you there!

Step 4 – Fold and pin the envelope

Step 5 – Stitch your envelope together

We used a whip stitch to sew up each side of the envelope.

Repeat with all 30 envelopes. The next step is to sew on the buttons.

Step 6 – Sew on the buttons

We used tiny buttons. I prefer ceramic, however they are expensive so you can use whatever you have on hand.

As shown in the video below, I sew the button on the same way that I’d sew it on an article of clothing.

The best DIY Ramadan Advent Calendar are handcrafted by Muslim kids!
What a cutie!

Step 7 – Thread the envelopes together

To hang them up you’ll obviously need to pull thread through them first. We used embroidery floss (all 6 ply; we didn’t split it). Watch the video below to see how I thread them together.

The best Ramadan Advent Calendars are those that are handmade by Muslim homeschooling children.

Step 8 – Options for filling your envelopes

Ramadan DIY Advent Calendar is made with felt envelopes that can be filled with duas, scavenger hunt clues, treats, and more!
handmade watercolor notecards for duas or scavenger hunt clues

You can now fill your envelopes with whatever you’d like. Here are some options –

Go on a Ramadan Scavenger Hunt!

Create a Ramadan Scavenger Hunt by placing clues in your mini felt envelopes.

If you want to inspire younger children to fast a half day, you can reward them at iftar time by filling the envelopes with a scavenger hunt clue to find a small treat/gift around your house!

Ramadan Treats

Fill your DIY Ramadan felt envelope Advent Calendar with tiny treats.

Or simply fill each envelope with a tiny treat.

Ramadan Duas

For bigger kids you may want to fill your envelopes with duas for them to say at iftar time.

An added perk – Have your child write the dua in Arabic for Arabic writing practice!

Final step – Hang the cuties up!

We are going to add our Ramadan Banner above and then Eid-ul-Fitr banner below. InshAllah.

Variation – Mini Masjid Felt Envelopes!

Mini Masjid felt evelopes are an adorable way to create a Ramadan Advent Calendar!
domed top

I didn’t choose this option because to see the Masjid dome shape you’d need to leave the envelopes open. And envelopes that are left open mean little hands digging in. 😉

The element of surprise is really important to me, so we won’t be doing this, at least not this year.

If you’re interested in turning your felt envelopes into cute little masjids, simply trim the felt of the top flap in a curved way versus sharp corner. Embroider the front and stitch the sides as usual.

Leave the top flap open and voila, adorable mini Masjids!


If you’re having trouble filling the numbers with stitches, you can just leave the number blank and just outline the number using a simple backstitch.

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