Summer activities for Muslim families at home

30 Summer Activities for Kids

by Eaman Elhadri


Places might be closed or restricted during the pandemic, however there are a ton of free, cheap, and easy activities we can do at home with our children this summer, inshAllahh and Alhemdulilah.

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Get the best summer activities for Muslim kids at home!

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Summer Activity # 1 – Make a summer schedule

If you thrive on structure, dropping your schedule or rhythm in the summer may not be the right thing to do. Try creating a schedule or rhythm specifically for summertime.

We’re year-round homeschoolers and prefer seasonal rhythms over schedules, however sometimes a schedule is necessary if both you and your husband work. As always, do you x 2 boo!

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    Summer Activity #2 – Conduct Hajj Activities

    Teach your young Muslim child about Hajj with books, activities, crafts, and pictures.

    Since Dhul Hijjah starts smack in the middle of summer, it is the perfect time to teach children about Hajj.

    You’ve asked for a parent guide to help teach your young child about Hajj and we’re almost done with it, inshAllah! Be on the lookout for The Happy Hajj Guideโ„ข any day now inshAllah!

    Until then, try out these fun Hajj Activities for kids!

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      Summer Activity #3 – Sensory water play

      Muslim kids can play with water as a summer activity.

      Take out a plastic container, fill it with water, and toss in random items. Watch your littles play for hours! *Be sure to stay next to your young child the entire time.

      Summer Activity #4 – Play in the hose

      A great summer activity for kids at home would be to play in the hose.

      Summer is the perfect time for the kids to water your plants… and themselves!

      Better yet, pull out a bucket and…

      Summer Activity # 5 – Wash the car

      Children can have fun in the summer by washing the car.

      If your car is like mine, it’s dirty right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Pull out the bucket, soap, sponges, etc. and get those kids working! Most children love to wash cars, and if they’re anything like mine, they’ll climb to the top and wash that as well.

      Pro tip: Tell your kids to rinse the car when they’re done. You don’t want a white car after all that washing. Ask me how I know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Summer Activity #6 – Play in the sprinkler

      A great summer activity for Muslim kids at home would be to run through a sprinkler.

      If you use a sprinkler to water your grass, etc, you might as well water the children. ๐Ÿ™‚ They’ll have a ball!

      Summer Activity #7 – Swim

      Muslim kids can play in a pool during the summer.

      My children are super disappointed that we can’t go to our swimming lessons this year, due to the pandemic. Alhemdulilah a8la kulee hal.

      I didn’t grow up with a pool, but if you have one I’m sure you’re already swimming in it!

      If you don’t have a pool, you can purchase a baby pool. If you have a lot of space in your backyard you can purchase the large option. * Adult supervision required.

      Click on the images below to check out where to purchase pools.

      Summer Activity #8 – Sensory Play Water Beads

      Water beads is a great sensory play for young Muslim children in the summer.

      Water beads are fun all year round. In the summertime you can keep them out on your deck, porch, or yard. Click on the image below to see where we purchased our water beads.

      Summer Activity #9 – Have a water balloon fight

      Muslim kids at home can have water balloon fights.

      Now this brings back great childhood memories! Just remember to purchase balloons meant for water balloon fights or else there will be tears over the fact that they keep getting hit (ouch!) without getting wet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Click on the image below to purchase the correct water balloons.

      Summer Activity #10 – Have a squirt gun fight

      Muslim kids can have  a squirt gun fight to entertain children at home.

      Another fun memory from my childhood, alhemdulilah. Click on the image below to purchase water guns.

      Summer Activity #11 – Conduct simple science projects using household recyclables

      Muslim kids can have fun at home using recyclables as projects.

      We conduct science projects year-round, but some are crazy messy, and although I don’t freak out over messes (the way I used to), it’s smart to save some just for the summer.

      Summer Activity #12 – Make a bouncy ball


      • borax
      • corn starch
      • yogurt cups
      • white glue
      • warm water
      • measuring spoons


      1. Container 1 – Add 1 tspn borax to 2 tblspns of warm water. Stir to dissolve.
      2. Container 2 – Mix 1 tblspn glue w/2 tspns cornstarch
      3. Add 1 tspn of borax mixture to glue/cornstarch mixture. Stir well. It will become stiff. Tip it out of the container and knead into a ball.
      4. Play with your bouncy ball!

      My kids make this all of the time without my help; super simple and fun. Alhemdulilah.

      Click on the images below to see where you can purchase each item

      Summer Activity #13 – Build a birdbath


      • plant saucer
      • terra-cotta pot
      • rocks
      • water


      1. Rest a plant saucer on an inverted terra-cotta pot.
      2. Place rocks into saucer.
      3. Fill with water and replace regularly.

      Summer Activity #14 – Needle Felted Flowers

      Muslim kids can busy themselves in the summer by making felt flowers.
      My five year old’s needle felted flower, mashAllah Allahuma Barik


      We have this needle felting kit.


      My five year old is allowed to needle felt on her own. This is only because she (for the most part) moves slowly and wears gloves. If you have a (calm) child that already knows how to needle felt, they will teach you all the steps you need to know to make a flower.

      Here is my five year old’s tutorial, mashAllah Allahuma Barik. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Place wool roving on a needle felting sponge.
      2. Begin felting.
      3. Add a long piece of green roving for the stem. Felt.
      4. Add a piece of brown roving for dirt. Felt.
      5. The end. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Summer Activity #15 – Raise butterflies and read butterfly themed books

      Muslim kids can raise butterflies while at home during the summer.
      The butterfly is beautiful because the caterpillar is brave.

      If it isn’t too warm in your area, you can raise butterflies. We purchased our kit here.

      Muslim kids can raise butterflies and read children's literature about caterpillars and butterflies, during the summer.

      It’s the perfect time to read butterfly themed children’s literature such as the classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We also purchased the Arabic version as well as the coloring book version.

      The last time we raised butterflies, we rowed the book Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear . I forgot to pull it out for the littlest bean this year. #mombrain

      Click on the images below to see where we purchased them.

      Raising butterflies during the summer is a fun activity for Muslim kids.
      It was amazing to see the butterflies emerge.
      You can release the butterflies as an activity for Muslim kids during the summer.
      Time to release the butterflies. Sad moment for my kids. ;(
      Releasing butterflies into the wild is one summer activity that you can do at home with Muslim kids.
      Goodbye butterfly.

      Summer Activity #16 – Buy a pet

      It might be a great time to buy a pet if you don’t have allergies. I have severe asthma which is triggered by allergens so we are limited. Wa Rabi yeshfeena. Ameen.

      Muslim kids can buy a pet this summer, such as a fish.
      Stepping up our game to fish. Ha!

      My children considered their butterflies as ‘pets’ and were sad to see them go. Now they’re like, “Well if we can’t have a cat, let’s buy a tiger!” {Yea kid.}

      Summer Activity #17 – Fly Kites

      Flying kites is a perfect activity for Muslim kids to do in the summer.

      Classic. Don’t forget to fly it in an open space.

      Summer Activity #18 – Collect and press flowers

      You don’t need a flower press to press flowers!

      Grab a really heavy book. The first thing that comes to mind is a phone book. Remember those? No? You are young, dear sister. ;).

      Anyhow, grab your dictionary.

      Press flowers in the summer, by using a dictionary. Really fun for Muslim kids to do in the summer!
      This dictionary has seen better days!

      Place a piece of parchment paper inside and place your flowers inside as well. Close the book and wait at least 10 days.

      Place parchment paper inside of dictionary to create pressed flowers.  A fun summer activity for Muslim kids!

      Bam. Pressed flowers. So pretty.

      Pressing flowers using a book is a fun summer activity for Muslim kids.

      Want to know what to do with your pressed flowers. Read below!

      Summer Activity #19 – Pressed Flower Crafts

      Muslim kids can create pressed flower crafts as  a great summer activity!

      Perfect Eid-ul-Adha gift alert!

      While I’d like to make all.of.the.flower.things, I’m allergic and need to take it easy. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll probably just make clay pressed flower jewelry holders and pressed flower bookmarks or cards. InshAllah.

      Read this awesome post for awesome pressed flower craft ideas!

      Summer Activity #20 – Take your schooling outside

      Muslim homeschooled kids can take their formal homeschooling outdoors during the summertime.

      If you school year round like us, you will be conducting formal studies throughout the summer. Who says you have to stay indoors!

      Take your formal lessons outside and enjoy the weather. (Practice social distancing as needed.)

      Summer Activity #21 – Have a picnic

      Muslim kids can have fun in summer by having a picnic.

      It wouldn’t be summer without a picnic! *Practice social distancing as needed.

      Speaking of picnic, it’s the perfect time to teach older children to…

      Summer Activity #22 – Teach older children how to grill

      Older Muslim kids can learn how to grill. It is a perfect summer activity.

      Summertime is the perfect time to teach your older children how to use the grill AND clean up after themselves.

      Summer Activity #23 – Play outdoor games from ‘back in the day’

      Freeze tag is a great game Muslim kids can play with in the summer.

      If you’re as old as me ๐Ÿ˜‰ and you grew up in the U.S., you’ll remember these throwback games that kept us entertained until the street lights came on!

      If you reminisce about your childhood, I bet you’re going to remember the outdoors with loved ones and not your history book in school. ๐Ÿ™‚ Think about all of the fun games you used to play outside and do those with your kids!

      Freeze Tag

      In this version of the classic game Tag, if the person who is it tags a player, that person must freeze in place until tagged and set free by another participant. When the one who is it tags everyone, the last person caught becomes it.

      Red light/Green light

      One child is it and turns her back to a line of players. When it says “Green Light,” the players move forward trying to reach her. When it says “Red Light,” she turns around to look at the players. Anyone seen moving has to return to the starting line. The first child to reach it wins and takes over that job for the next round.

      Mother May I?

      The setup for this game is similar to Red Light, Green Light: Players in a line try to reach one child who monitors their progress a few steps at a time. In this one, the kids ask for permission to move forward, as in, “Mother, may I move one giant step forward?” “Mother” either says, “Yes, you may,” or “No, you may not, but you may take two small steps instead,” or whatever substitution the “Mother” prefersโ€”baby steps, steps back, etc. If the game is reaching a stalemate with the “Mother” facing the other players (sometimes that player just doesn’t want to let anyone reach the end), try playing with “Mother’s” back turned, so he doesn’t see how close the other players are getting as they take their allowed steps.

      Summer Activity #25 – Read summer themed children’s literature

      Muslim kids can read summer themed books.
      A classic.

      Time to pull out all of the summer themed book lists and start placing books on hold! Our library has opened up for pick-up, Alhemdulilahi Rabil A8alameen!

      Is yours open? Comment below!

      Get the Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh by clicking on the image below.

      Summer Activity #26 – Increase your time spent in the forest

      Muslim kids can spend more time out in the forest this summer.

      With the longer days of summer, and the forest being a great place without humans, why not spend more time in the forest?

      Summer Activity #27 – Play in the mud

      Muslim kids should play in mud this summer!

      Yes, I said to let your child play in the mud. Dirt don’t hurt! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Summer Activity #28 – Read-aloud more often

      Muslim kids should read more often in the summer time because of the longer summer days.

      With the longer days, there is more opportunity to read daily for at least 20 minutes each day, which is awesome, alhemdulilah!

      Summer Activity #29 – Islamic Studies

      I always say Islamic Studies isn’t an activity.

      If your child was cyber schooling or crisis-schooling, they are now off and have the time and wonderful opportunity to study Islamic Studies online. Be sure to find a qualified teacher.

      Read about our Islamic Studies Curriculum/Resources Here.

      The last summer activity – Take care of YOU, mama

      This summer, take care of yourself, Muslim mama.

      Mama you are awesome. You work a lot. And often too much!

      Sit down. Stare at a blank wall.

      Or get in the bathtub. Whatever you like. Just do it!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do you recommend we study formal subjects during the summer?

      If you feel that is necessary for your child, sure, why not. However, if you don’t feel that it is important, skip it.

      We are rear-round homeschoolers. This means we have smaller “vacations” throughout the year, instead of one big vacation in the summertime.

      We prefer year-round schooling so that we can take off on Eid and any other important time around the year.

      If you were to stick to just one subject this summer, my opinion would be to continue with math. I believe math should be done in short daily spurts.

      As always do you x 2 boo!

      The last thing you need to know about summer activities for Muslim kids

      Swim classes and berry picking might be closed, but there a ton of other things you can do at home with your child! SAVE THIS post!

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