Muslims, Stop Sending Your Kids To Public Schools

Take Your Kids Out Of Public School, NOW!

Muslims, STOP sending your kids to public school!  Do you even have a clue as to what your child is learning in public school? In this blog post, I tell you five things your child is learning in public school, plus what they AREN’T learning.

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Muslims, take your kids out of public school, now!

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Muslims, WAKE UP

Oh. What is that I hear? “I know what you’re going to say Eaman. They’re learning DATING & DRUGS?”

And that doesn’t bother you? But, guess what, I know of something far worse.


Your child will partake in shirk, and you’re not going to know about it because it will fall seamlessly with the ‘curriculum’.

The second thing your child is learning in public school – ATHEISM.

You’re sending your kids to an environment where God can only be mentioned as part of profanity and God is denied or ridiculed in His role as Creator (AWJ).

A Muslim girl in high school told me once that her teacher walked in class and flat-out stated, “There is no God”. He proceeded to look at her and say, “Don’t you just hate your religion?” all while laughing.

And how many more sorrowful stories do we need to hear about Muslim children who graduated from a ‘top’ university and are also openly atheist? And the parents ask, “What went wrong? I took them to Sunday School.”

The third thing your child is learning in public school – CRT

Or, in other words, they’re learning that they themselves are inherently oppressed because they’re Muslim.

“I cut my finger! It’s because I’m Muslim. Oh no. I got a bad grade. It’s because I’m Muslim!”

Then, in hand, they become that adult that says, “America is the root of all my problems.” Instead of what Allah AWJ says in the Quran here {42:30}.

The fourth thing your child is learning in public school – Modern Day QAWM LUT

Your child will learn all about what modern day Qawm Lut does in their bedroom, as taught by your child’s teacher herself.

Let me paint a scenario for here. You’re at the park with your kids, and a man walks up to your six year old and shows her a video on masturbation. What would you do? Would you call the owners of the playground and say, “Hey can you kick this guy out.”? Of course not. You’d remove your child from the playground and call the cops. Now, why is this same scenario acceptable when it happens in a school?

And let’s not forget, public schools have swapped red, white, and blue, for rainbow.

The fifth thing your child is learning in public school – To Undermine YOU, The Parent

The school is teaching your child that you are backwards, that you are part of the old folks that need to die off.

Your child is being told that they are smarter than you. (Which is quite interesting because American children rank somewhere around 31st  in mathematics.)

What your kids are NOT Learning in public school

You’ve just learned what your children are learning in public school. Here’s what they’re NOT learning –

Math, ELA, Sci., etc.

The public schools are actively teaching your child to know nothing.

Why, you ask. Because they want a bunch of passionate idiots.

We’ve never handed out more degrees, and yet the kids are getting dumber and dumber. They’re trying to get rid of assessments altogether because they don’t want you to realize that your kids aren’t coming out any smarter… but they are coming out woker.

The system will convince them that they’re smart, successful – but it turns out that nobody needs a Women’s Dance Theory Major when something breaks down in their house.


Let’s see.


“But  Eaman, you made it out just fine!”


Can you see in my heart? Can you see everything I had to undo?

and most importantly…

I went to school at at a time when AMERICANS BELIEVED IN GOD.

When Christianity was mainstream. Christians went to church, read their bible. When “one nation under God” was allowed to be said in school, and at a time when Americans weren’t confused about which bathroom to use….or basic biology.

Public School wasn’t good then…..and it is hell now. Do you throw your child in the fire and tell them not to burn?

Sister, Brother – Ask Yourself – Why Are Your Kids Still Enrolled in Public School?

..and answer honestly.

I can hear you now.

  • “There’s nowhere else for them to go”.
  • “This is a babysitting program for them.”
  • “Eaman, where else would you like me to send them?”

Well…that is what the shaytann (and the government) wants you to think. When you know dang well that you can send them to private Islamic school, virtual school, or homeschool them.

“But Eaman, I’ts free! Free daycare!”


It’s costing your child’s mind, heart, and soul.

9 thoughts on “Take Your Kids Out Of Public School, NOW!”

  1. Thank you for this thought-provoking and insightful article. This is exactly why I homeschool my children: to protect them from these dangerous concepts. As an ummah, we need to wake up to what is going on and step up to give our children the time and care they deserve. After all we’re accountable and will be asked what we did to raise them as Muslims.


      Asalaamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
      Dear Umm Hanna,
      You’re most welcome. Well said! May Allah AWJ Bless you and your family. Allahuma Ameen.
      Warm regards,
      Umm Ibraheem

  2. Asalam aleykum thanks so much for wake me, l born and rose different country, I wasn’t understanding the education system here but I can see my kids their attitude sometimes I wonder why they act like this,buy the problem is which home schooling is the best for them I don’t have information about home schooling and which one recognize by my State Massachusetts


      Wa alaykum wa Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

      You’re welcome. My website is dedicated to helping homeschooling moms. Feel free to check out my blog post:

      Homeschooling is legal in the United States. You can find more information about your Massachusetts homeschooling laws online. Also, can you look into private Islamic school? That would be ideal, but if you don’t have any around you, you can also look into hiring tutors and virtual schooling. Allahumustaan.

  3. Asalam alakum
    Asalam aleykum thanks so much for taking time to help parents to choose
    Please make dua for my kids to be homeschool too
    May Allah reward you.


      Wa alaykum wa Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
      Dear Sr. Fatima,
      May Allah AWJ Help you and I wa Jameal Muslimeen, Ameen. Allahuma Ameen to your dua. Thank you and Jazakila Khair.
      Warm regards,
      Umm Ibraheem

  4. Asalaam aleykum sister. Thx for the informative article! Also struggled thro the public system in USA from k thro 12. I thought I was smart and could teach my daughter to filter all the crap so let her attend public school but she started changing slowly around age 11 or so. Took her out completely now. Do you have experience with K12 online? Would it be good to do tuition free online and then supplement with Islamic studies? Do you know anyone doing this?


      Wa alaykum wa Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.
      Dear Sr. Salma,
      You’re more than welcome. All Praise and Thanks is to God. I agree that we can’t expect our children to thrive in an environment that is anti-God. I’m proud of you and May Allah AWJ Reward you for your sacrifice. Ameen. Do you have a private Islamic school in your area? Consider that first. Otherwise, I do know Muslim families that are happy with virtual school, either through the state or K12. I think virtual schooling is a great option for many families as it is hands-off for moms (except for making sure that your child stays on task). You can supplement Islamic Studies, Quran, and Arabic by enrolling your child in classes. I prefer in-person classes, however that’s not always feasible. Darussalam offers online courses for kids. May Allah AWJ Help you and all of us. Allahuma Ameen.
      Warm regards,
      Umm Ibraheem

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