why your house is a mess

THE Reason Your House is a MESS

You’re just a lazy slob. That’s what it is.


Read on and watch the LIVE YouTube video about the five reasons your house is a mess and what to do about it!

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why your house is a mess

Watch the YouTube LIVE video about THE Reason Your House is a MESS

THE Reason your house is a MESS – You WASTE TIME on social media

Sister, your house is a mess because you have more of a grip on your phone than reality.  I see you doom scrollin' on Tiktok and IG.

Sister, your house is a mess because you have more of a grip on your phone than REALITY.  I see you doom scrollin’ on Tiktok and IG.

It’s a major time suck.

The Solution


Reason #2 – You LIVE in your home

And what homes are more well-lived in then homeschooling families? It’s a good thing.

The Solution

Lower your standards. It’s okay sis, your home isn’t going to be in a magazine.

It’s not going to be on Pinterest. And while you’re at it, get off of Pinterest and social media because that’s what you’re comparing your home to.

Look, some people have fancy homes, but are NEVER there to enjoy it. Say Alhemdulilah.

Reason #3 – You’re TIRED

We’re moms, we cook, we deal with humans all day and night. We’re going to be tired.

That happens and that’s it’s okay.

The Solution

When you sat down to schedule your homeschool year, you should have scheduled breaks every month or so. You don’t want to go past, say, 7 weeks, without a break for a few days or a week.

It’s a great time to catch on up rest as well as bigger projects.

Reason #4 – You DON’T DELEGATE the work

When your kids were in school, they were gone the whole day. Obviously, they won’t have much time to help out. But they’re home now, which means they should have a major chore.

The Solution

Assign chores to each child. C’mon mom, even a 2 year old can pick up toys and put it in a bin.

They’ll learn how to be responsible and it will also boost their confidence as they are benefiting others.

If your children are very young, this is when you have the leeway to just take it easy and lower your expectations. If you can afford it, hire some help sometimes.

Reason #5 – You view Cleaning Systems as a magic pill

I’m not saying cleaning systems are bad. I could probably benefit from KonMari-ing the crap out of my home right now. 😉

Maybe you’re into the Flylady cleaning system. Okay.

The real problem is that you think the cleaning system will instantly remove your struggles and problems in life. It won’t.

You’ll still find it hard to start. You’ll still not want to do it.

The Solution

First, stop viewing it as a magic pill. I want you to try out something different that works for many homeschooling families.

And that is – ONCE A WEEK cleaning, together as a family, on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

Here me out, normally we’re so tired at the end of a homeschooling day that we don’t even want to think about what’s next on our cleaning schedule, let alone actually get to the cleaning. That’s why I think it’s best to ignore it (for the most part) the entire week and then do it one morning together.

Just try it. And tell me in the comments how it goes. 🙂

What shouldn’t be ignored?

For me there are three tasks that shouldn’t be ignored and that will be a game changer.

1. Decluttering

If you were to count everything you have around in your home I’d bet it would be at least 1,000 items. Imagine dealing with that stuff every day. Well, YOU DO.

Moms are constantly dealing with trying to find everyone else’s stuff. See what you haven’t used in a year and give it away.

But ultimately, I want you to reduce your purchases. I’m no minimalist by any means but reducing purchases is the best way to deal with less stuff.

2. Put Your Kitchen To Bed

put your kitchen to bed

People call it an art. I call it something that people have always done. This will allow you to jump into breakfast without having to clean first.


Laundry is the never ending hamster wheel. If you have a large family, then you can’t ignore laundry. Try this out – Put a load in the wash first thing in the morning, and right before bed put it in the dryer.

If you have a small family, save the laundry for once a week on Saturday or Sunday morning when you clean the house as a family.

If you have older children, they are capable of handling their own laundry. They can plan it around their schedule, as long as it gets done.

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