Video of Iram Shaukat's homeschool middle school curriculum

Video – Iram’s Middle School Curriculum and Resources

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by Iram Shaukat

Check out the homeschool resources that I use with my middle school child! Every family is different, so remember to do your own research, not just about curriculum, but about your child! Understanding who your child is my first tip to you, dear Muslim homeschooling mama.

Watch the (Urdu) LIVE VIDEO above, where I discuss our middle school curriculum, resources AND give you 10 Tips along the way!

To find out more information about everything I’ve mentioned in the video, read the ENGLISH blog post about our homeschool middle school resources!

I will publish a YouTube video on our channel in the near future where I show the physical products/items, inshAllah, so look out for that!

Helpful Tips

Read the ENGLISH blog Middle School Curriculum Blog Post to see more information about the resources mentioned in the video!

Read 20 Tips to Homeschooling Muslim Middle School Children, and watch my (Urdu) VIDEO about homeschooling middle school!

Are you new to homeschooling? Read our Beginner’s Guide to Homeschooling for Muslim Families and watch the LIVE VIDEO of how Sister Eaman can see you from a mile away!

Muslim homeschooling middle school curriculum and resources.

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